Zhè ge/jiàn zĕnmeyàng? To Big, To Small Shopping In Chinese

This article follows on from the article Colours In Mandarin!


Zhè ge zĕnmeyàng? (What do you think of this?)

Wŏ bù xǐhuan zhè ge. (I don’t like this one.)

Wŏ xǐhuan nà ge. (I like that one.)


Words to remember:

Ge (a measure word)

Zhè (this)



Zhè jiàn zĕnmeyàng? (What do you think of this?)

Zhè jiàn tài dà/xiăo le. (This is too large/small.)


Words to remember:

Jiàn (measure word for clothing)

tàile (sentence structure: too/too much/over) e.g. in nĭ hăo we can say (hăo means good), so to say its great we use tài hăo le, or too yellow say tài huáng le.


Wŏ yào nà jiàn. (I want that one.)

And you can add the colour at the end:

Wŏ yào nà jiàn huáng de.


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