Wellness – Xiànzài nǐ zĕnmeyàng?

Nǐ zĕnme le? (What’s wrong with you?)

Wŏ gănmào le. (I caught a cold.)



Zĕnme (how)

Le (particle at end of sentence to show change has completed)

Gănmào (catch cold)


Nǐ wèishénme gănmào le? (Why/what’s the matter?)

Zuótiān tiānqì tài lĕng le. (It’s too cold yesterday.)

Xiànzài nǐ zĕnmeyàng? (How do you feel now?)

Wŏ tóu téng. (I have a headache.)

Wŏ săngzi téng. (I have a swore throat.)

Wŏ fā shāo. (I have a fever.)



Zuótiān (yesterday)

Tóu téng (headache)

Săngzi téng (swore throat)

Téng (ache/painful)

Săngzi (throat)

Tóu (head)

Fā shāo (fever)

Xiūxi xiūxi (to rest)


Jīantiān nǐ qù gōngzuò ma? (Are you going to work today?)

Jīantiān wŏ qù gōngzuò. (Yes I am going to work today.)

Jīantiān wŏ bù qù gōngzuò. (No I am not going to work today.)

Nǐ xiūxi xiūxi ba. (You’d better have a rest.) -> ba at the end indicates a suggestion/advice.


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