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Weather/Tiānqì – Jīntiān duōshao dù?

Jīniān tiānqì zĕnmeyàng? (How about the weather today?)

Jīniān xià yŭ. (It’s going to rain today.)

Tiānqì bù hăo. (The weather is not good.)



Jīniān (today)

Tiānqì (weather)

Zĕnmeyàng (how)

Xià (to fall down)

Yŭ (rain)


Míngtiān tiānqì hăo bu hăo? (Is tomorrow’s weather good or not?)

Míngtiān xià xuĕ. (It’s going to snow tomorrow.)

Tiānqì hĕn lĕng. (It’s very cold.)



Hăo (good)

Bu hăo (not good)

Xuĕ (snow)

Lĕng (cold)



Jīniān duōshao dù? (What is the temperature today?)

Sānshíwŭ dù. (35 C)

Tiānqì hĕn rè. (It’s very hot.)



Dù (degree)

Duōshao (how high)

Rè (hot)


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