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Transportation – Mĕi tiān nǐ zĕnme qù gōngzuò?

Mĕi tiān nǐ zĕnme qù xuéxiào? (How do you go to school everyday?)

Breakdown of words:

Mĕi (every)

Tiān (day)

Nǐ (you)

Zĕnme (how)

Qù (go)

Xuéxiào (school)

Therefore it reads: Every day you how go to school?

Now, if you want to ask how one goes to work then work is gōngzuò.

Mĕi tiān nǐ zĕnme qù gōngzuò?


Wŏ zŏu lù. (I walk.)

Nǐ ne? (And you?)

Qí zìxíngchē (bicycle)  —-> Qí (to ride)

Zuò dìtiĕ (to take underground)     —> Zuò (to sit)

Zuò gōnggòngqì chē (to take bus)

Kāi chē (car)   —> Kāi (drive)

Mĕi tiān nǐ kāi chē qù gōngzuò ma? (Do you go to work by car everyday?)

Answer yes: Mĕi tiān wŏ kāi chē qù gōngzuò.

Answer no: Bù, wŏ bù kāi chē. (No, I don’t go by car.)

   Wŏ zuò gōnggòngqì chē. (I take the bus.)

Let’s change the dialog, do you go to school on foot everyday?

Mĕi tiān nǐ zŏu lù qù xuéxiào ma?

No: Bù, wŏ bù zŏu lù.

I ride bicycle: Wŏ qí zìxíngchē.

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