Politely Asking The Way In Chinese

Qĭng wèn, xĭshŏujiān zài năr? (Excuse me, where is the restroom?)

Xĭshŏujiān zài yòubian. (The restroom is on the left.)

Xièxie nĭ. (Thank you.)

Búkèqi. (Your welcome.)



Qĭng wèn (excuse me)

Xĭshŏujiān (restroom)

… zài năr? (where is…?)

Yòubian (left)

Xièxie nĭ (thank you)

Búkèqi (Your welcome)


Harder to find when there are multiple turns:

Qĭng wèn, fùjìn yŏu chāoshì ma? (Excuse me, is there a supermarket near here?)

Yŏu, wăng qián zŏu. (Yes, there is and then go ahead.)

Wăng yŏu guăi. (Then make a right turn.)

Xièxie nĭ. (thank you.)

Búkèqi. (Your welcome.)



Wăng (toward)

Qián (ahead/front)

Zŏu (to walk/go)

Yŏu (right)

Guăi (to turn)


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