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Nǐ yŏu shénme àihào?

Zhèli néng shàng wăng ma? (Can I surf the Internet here?)

Wŏ yào kàn yóujiàn. (I need to check my e-mail.)



Zhèli (here)

Néng (can)

Shàng wăng (surf Internet)

Yóujiàn (mail/e-mail)

Chángcháng (often)


Wŏ chángcháng shàng wăng kàn xīnwén. (I often read the news online.)


Things people do on the Internet:

Liáo tiān (Chat online)

Gòu wù (shop online)

Wánr yóuxì (play games online)


Nǐ yŏu shénme àihào? (What’s your hobby?)

Wŏ xǐhuan kàn shū. (I like reading.)

Wŏ xǐhuan tīng yīngyuè. (I like listening to music.)

Wŏ xǐhuan lǚxíng. (I like to travel.)



àihào (hobby)

Kàn shū (reading)

Tīng (to listen)

Yīngyuè (music)

Lǚxíng (travel)


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