Nǐ hē shénme? – What Do You Drink In Chinese

Drinks in Chinese:

Shuĭ (water)

Kĕlè (cola)

Kāfēi (coffee)

Chá (tea)

Pí jiŭ (beer)


Constructing sentence:

Nǐ hē shénme? (What do you drink?)

Wŏ hē (I am drinking…)

Wŏ hē kĕlè. (I am drinking cola.)

Nǐ hē shénme ma? (Do you like…?)

Bù, wŏ bú hē shuĭ. (No, I don’t.)

Wŏ bù hē jiŭ. (I don’t drink alcohol.)

hē (she/he is drinking…)


Now, let’s review from last time. We got to recognize the different Chinese words for different foods, such as different fruits. Can you remember and apply them to the sentences below? Refer to the articles for reference: Do You Like Dumplings? and Shuĭguŏ Fruits – Mandarin Chinese.

What do you want to have/eat? e.g. (dumplings)

What fruit do you like? e.g. (apples)

What do you drink? e.g. (tea)


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