Months & Weather In China – … tiānqì hăo bu hăo?

The 12 months in the year in Chinese, first recall numbers 1-12: yī (1), èr (2), sān (3), sì (4), wǔ (5), liù (6), qī (7), bā (8), jiǔ (9), shí (10), shíyī (11), and shí’èr (12).

Now, it’s easy just say the number and month together as follows: yīyuè (Jan.), èryuè (Feb.), sānyuè (Mar.), ect…

èryuè tiānqì zĕnmeyàng? (How about the weather in February?)

In China in February the weather is different, as the south of China is in summer (20-30 centigrade). While, the north will have a lowest temperature of 40 under minus zero.

Qīyuè tiānqì hăo bu hăo? (Is the weather fine in July or not?)

In China in July it is hot all over the country, in some places up to 46 centigrade can be reached.

Qīyuè tiānqì hĕn rè. (It’s very hot in July.)

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