Mandarin Chinese – Do You Like Dumplings?

Nĭ chī shénme? (What do you want to eat?)

chī jiăozi. (Dumplings)

chī chăomiàn. (Fried noodle)

chī chăofàn. (Fried rice)

chī bāozi. (Steamed bun)

chī miàntiáo. (Noodles)

chī jiăozi ma? (Do you eat…?)

Bù, wŏ bù chī jiăozi. (No, I don’t)

 chī chăomiàn.


Try it out – Ask for food in a Chinese restaurant:

Waiter: What do you like to eat?

You: I want to have fried rice.

Waiter: Do you want to have the dumplings?

You: No, thanks. I don’t want to have the dumplings. I want to have the fried rice.


Waiter: Nǐ chī shénme?

You: Wǒ chī chǎo fàn.

Waiter: Nǐ chī jiăozi mɑ?

You: Bù, xièxiè. Wǒ chī chǎo fàn.

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