It’s too expensive – Tài guì le

Qǐng wèn, … duōshao qián? (Excuse me, how much is …?)


Remember the fruits:

Píngguŏ (Apple)

Xiāngjiāo (Banana)

Chéngzi (Orange)


Now, let’s ask how much they are each:

Qǐng wèn, píngguŏ duōshao qián?

Qǐng wèn, xiāngjiāo duōshao qián?

Qǐng wèn, chéngzi duōshao qián?


If bananas cost 5, then:

Xiāngjiāo wǔ kuài.

If bananas are too expensive then say:

Tài guì le. (It’s too expensive.)

Piányi yīdiǎnr hǎo ma? (A little cheaper, OK?) -> you can also say this one is a little better than that one: Zhè ge hǎo yīdiǎn. (I prefer this one.) -> or I want this one its a little bit larger for clothing:  Zhè jiàn dà yīdiǎnr.

Bù guì. (Its not that expensive.)



Tài (we mentioned before too/too much/over)

Guì (expensive)

Yīdiǎnr (a little more)


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