Getting Directions In China – Qĭng wèn, fùjìn yŏu (dìtiĕzhàn/Chāoshì/Shāngdiàn/Yínháng) ma?

Qĭng wèn, fùjìn yŏu dìtiĕzhàn ma? (Excuse me, is there an underground station near here?)



Qĭng wèn (excuse me)

Fùjìn (nearby)

Yŏu (has/have)

Dìtiĕ (underground/subway)

Zhàn (station)


Other places to look for:

Chāoshì (supermarket)

Qĭng wèn, fùjìn yŏu chāoshì ma?

Shāngdiàn (mall)

Qĭng wèn, fùjìn yŏu shāngdiàn ma?

Yínháng (bank)

Qĭng wèn, fùjìn yŏu yínháng ma?


If you know where it is:

Yŏu, zài nàr. (Yes, it’s over there.)

Duìbuqĭ, wŏ bù zhīdào. (Sorry, I have no idea.)

Answer: Méiguānxi. (That’s all right.)



Duìbuqĭ (sorry)

Zhīdào (know)

Bù zhīdào (don’t know)


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