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Economic Resources, Journals, & Trade Magazines


Online Databases

Mises Institute Book Library

Foundation for Economic Education Resources

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economic Research


Introductory Economic Texts

Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

Lessons for the Young Economist by Robert P. Murphy

Principles of Economics 7th edition by Gregory Mankiw, see Quizlet quizzes & flashcards

The Failure of the “New Economics” by Henry Hazlitt

Economics for Real People by Gene Callahan

Economic Logic by Mark Skousen


Advanced Economic Texts

Human Action by Ludwig von Mises

Man, Economy, and State by Murray N. Rothbard

The Political Economy of Juan de Mariana by Juan de Mariana

Macroeconomics 5th edition by Gregory Mankiw


Economic Texts For Younger Readers

The Tuttle Twins book range by Connor Boyack


Media & Websites

The Quest For Knowledge: Shrey’s Finance Blog by Shrey Srivastava

Lynda by a LinkedIn Company

Taking Hayek Seriously by Greg Ransom

Freakonomics by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner

International Liberty by Dan Mitchel

The Money Morning by Sam Volkering

Bureau of Labor Statistics by United States Department of Labor

Economist’s View by Mark Thoma

David Stockman’s Corner by David Stockman

Contra Krugman by Tom Woods and Robert Murphy

Economic Man by Roger Barris

CapX by Iain Martin and team


Online Lectures

Academic Earth by Yale University


Central Banks

Reserve Bank of Australia

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Reserve Bank of India

South African Reserve Bank

U.S, Federal Reserve System

Bank of England

Bank of Canada

Bank of Mexico

Banque de France

The People’s Bank of China

European Central Bank

Central Bank of Ireland

Central Bank of Brazil

Central Bank of Brazil

Monetary Authority of Singapore

Maldives Monetary Authority

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

National Bank of Ukraine

Bangko Sentral NG Pilipinas


Economic Journals & Trade Magazines


AEJ Microeconomics

Publishing new research and position papers from economists, on the microeconomics of international trade, political economy and finance.

Canadian Journal of Economics

Publishes in both English and French on theoretical and empirical trade articles across economic fields.

Economics and Finance Research

A fully open access journal offering rapid publication and wide dissemination of new research.

International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences

Includes studies, reviews, surveys, articles, and more that contribute to economic and management science disciplines.

International Journal of Economics and Finance

Promotes scholarly exchange among teachers and researchers across the fields of economics, financial economics and finance.

Modern Economy

A forum for economists and academicians worldwide to discuss developments in the areas of modern economy.

Open Economics Journal

Open access journal containing research articles, reviews, letters, and guest edited single topic issues in all areas on the science of economics and its applications.

Quantitative Economics

Promotes studies aimed at the unification of the theoretical quantitative and empirical quantitative approach to economic problems.

Research in Applied Economics

Contains broad articles in applied economics that enhance the study of economic issues.  

Research in Business and Economics Journal

Original studies in international business, management, and related subjects.

Research in World Economy

Publishes theoretical studies and empirical articles from various economic areas of study.

Review of Economics & Finance

A peer reviewed open access journal focusing on general fields in economics and finance, sponsored by Academic Research Centre of Canada.

The American Economic Review

One of the country’s oldest publications, including scholarly papers across all areas of economics.

The Economic Journal

Published by the Royal Economic Society, providing policy papers and research on economics issues affecting the worlds of business, education and government.

The Journal of Economic Perspectives

Attempts to fill the gap between general interest press and academic economics journals by publishing articles that offer both clear analysis and interdisciplinary ideas.

The Visible Hand

Started at Cornell University, a peer reviewed academic journal for undergraduate students of economics.

Theoretical Economics

Published three times a year showcasing leading economic theory research.

Theoretical Economics Letters

Publishes short papers in all topics of economic theory and mathematical economics.

Undergraduate Economic Review

Published by Wesleyan University, a peer-reviewed journal promoting high quality economic research by undergraduates.

World Economic Review

Official World Economic Association journal, peer-reviewed and open access which requires no subscription for current and recent editions.


Trade Magazines


Writes about worldwide economics issues, giving readers analyses of financial trends and investing tips.

Challenge Magazine

Aims to provide economic information readers can’t get in other publications, with clear analysis of current economic issues.


A leading, reliable source for business, financial, economic, and political news, being one of the most widely read magazines amongst economists and the public.


Publisher of the Fortune 500, readers will find business and economic news with analysis of global business drivers.


Focuses on personal economics and finance, providing both in-depth analysis of economic issues and tips for individual consumers.

Medical Economics

For both economists and healthcare professionals interested in combining the two fields.

The Economist by The Economist Newspaper Limited. An online publication that includes all print editions and online exclusive articles, with multimedia content that includes audio/video programs.

Bullion by Post by Jewellery Quarter Bullion Limited

Market Watch by MarketWatch, Inc.

BBC News by British Broadcasting Corporation of Broadcasting House, London

The Guardian by Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies

The Economic Times by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.

The Telegraph by Telegraph Media Group Limited

CNBC by CNBC LLC. A Division of NBCUniversal 

The Sydney Morning Herald by Fairfax Media

Financial Review by Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd

The Australian Powered by VIP

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