Vote for the Economics Party! – Mr Clifford vs Trump & Clinton

Mr Clifford recently created a video for his new economics party. He argues in the American presidential debate on why both Trump and Clinton have bad economic policies. See his video here.

Two points. First, politicians shouldn’t make economically unrealistic promises. A single-payer health care system would be nice, so would free college education, lower taxes, paid maternity, a balanced budget, services for senior citizens, a trade surplus, and programs to alleviate poverty. Economics teaches us that we can’t have it all. Every policy has a trade-off.

Second, a larger federal government means less policy innovation at the state level. The only way to know if economic policies really work is to put them in action. States should have the freedom to try new things instead of being limited or controlled by the federal government. If we allow liberal ideas to compete with conservative ideas we can finally learn the best way to run our country.

Our problems are complex and they’re not to be blamed on liberals, conservatives, immigrants, the rich, or other countries. They are our problems and we can solve them with sound economics principles.

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