Indians Boycotting ‘Made in China’ Goods


Indians are leading a social media campaign to boycott ‘Made in China’ goods to favour Pakistan suppliers, in spite for Beijing having voted against Indian interests in the United Nations.

The campaign had originated from a fake letter claiming to have been signed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging Indian consumers to use swadeshi products over Chinese goods.

However, it was soon contested in a tweet clarifying the document is unauthentic.

This fake letter was widely circulated on social media sites from Facebook to Twitter, and other sites as WhatsApp, such trending hashtags include #BoycottChina, #BoycottChineseproducts.

Making the letter, memes and social media campaign all spreading the same message counter-intuitive, having been powered by many if not thousands of ‘Made in China’ technologies, from laptops, databases to the latest smartphones.

While, China had supported India in the past, Indians are taking this sweeping nationalist sentiment in all seriousness.

Politicians are even spreading the boycott idea, mostly tapping into any special-interest anger against China having recently blocking India’s bid to join the Nuclear Supplier Group and in the aftermath of a terror attack on Uri Army base and retaliating surgical strikes by the Indian Army.

However, trying to teach China a lesson and being patriotic is only going to end badly for Indian people.

Sparking a possible trade war between the two leading emerging economies.

Traders of some large wholesale markets across India have reported  up to 20 percent declines in demand for cheaper Chinese products.

Some Mali traders had spoken that it could harm the business this year, however believe in the long-run it could be good for industry and traders.

Whereas, China however would be able to survive without India’s exports, India would not be able to source enough quantities of necessities at an affordable price without wholesale inventories of imported Chinese goods.

While, the only viable alternative being overpriced western luxury goods.


Even though, it should be up to Indian’s whether they want to pay more for goods, retailers have reported customers to have started asking and requesting Indian wares.

Such requests have been made to boycott Chinese lights during Diwali (the ancient Indian festival of lights), however other products range from lights, gifts, toys, plastics, ect.

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