Locations … zài năr?

This article will cover asking where something is located, such as food in the supermarket.

… zài năr? (Where is …?)



Shàngbian (up)

Xiàbian (under/below)

Zuŏbian (left)

Yòubian (right)


Remember the different foods and drinks in Chinese, now you can pick one and ask what direction it is (for instance in where in the kitchen or supermarket).

Fruits: Píngguŏ (Apple), Xiāngjiāo (Banana), Chéngzi (Orange)

Drinks: Shuĭ (water), Kĕlè (cola), Kāfēi (coffee), Chá (tea), Pí jiŭ (beer)

Foods: Niúròu (beef), Jīròu (chicken), Zhūròu (pork), (fish), Shūcài (vegetables)



Chá zài năr? (Where is the tea?)

If it’s in the top cupboard then say: Chá zài shàngbian. (Tea is up there.)

Píngguŏ zài năr? (Where are the apples?)

If they are to the left in the fruit basket say: Píngguŏ zài zuŏbian. (Apples are to the left.)


Now, ask what direction are public places:

Chāoshì (supermarket)

Shāngdiàn (mall)

Yínháng (bank)

Dìtiĕzhàn (underground station)


Question 1: Dìtiĕzhàn zài năr? (Where is the underground station?)

Answer 1: Dìtiĕzhàn zài yòubian. (The underground station is to the right.)

Question 2: Yínháng zài năr? (Where is the bank?)

Answer 2: Yínháng zài qiánbian. (The bank is in front of you.)

Question 3: Yínháng zài năr? (Where is the bank?)

Answer 3: Yínháng zài hòubian. (The bank is back there.)



Qiánbian (in front)

Hòubian (back/behind)


Featured image supplied free from Unsplash.

Copyright © 2016 Zoë-Marie Beesley

Creative Commons License Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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