Nǐ yào shénme? – I Want Which Food In Chinese

Carrying on from my article on drinks in Mandarin Chinese: Nǐ hē shénme?, now we are going over what foods you would want.

Nǐ yào shénme? (What do you want?)

Wŏ yào…

Niúròu (beef)

Jīròu (chicken)

Zhūròu (pork)


Shūcài (vegetables)


You can add ma at the end of the statement to make a specific question.

Nǐ yào niúròu ma? (Do you want…beef?)


Wŏ yào niúròu. (I want beef.)

Bù, wŏ bú yào niúròu. (No, I don’t want beef.)

Wŏ yào shūcài. (I want vegetables.)


Practice talking about what you want, if you are in a Chinese market.

Featured image supplied free from Unsplash.

Copyright © 2016 Zoë-Marie Beesley

Creative Commons License Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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