Menzies House – Dedicated Community of Writers, Thinkers & Activists

Menzies House is a dedicated and leading community of writers, thinkers, and activists.

Founded in January 2010, the non-for-profit website is run by volunteers and showcases ideas across conservative, centre-right, and libertarian movements in Australia. 

Borrowing inspiration from Sir Robert Menzies’ ideal of a ‘broad church’, such concepts that it does support and aligns to this sites economic views are freedom, individuality and capitalism.

What is particularly nice about this site is that it is non-partisan and therefore independent from affiliation to any political party, union or corporation, making for great accurate and non-swayed intellectual discussion.

Their efforts are well appreciated to making the world a better place and is a great go-to resource.

They also welcome guest writers, if you have an opinion on a particular issue, want your voice heard, or would like to see your work published on their website with an ever-growing reader base, then they want to hear from you, see here.

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