Australian & New Zealand Students For Liberty

Australian & New Zealand Students For Liberty (ANZSFL) is a rapidly growing network of pro-liberty students.

Their mission is to provide a forum of support for students and student organisations.

They work to achieve their objectives by identifying student leaders and training them to benefit, empower, and change their communities.

It began as a small meeting of young leaders and has become an international movement of liberty minded students, boasting 1,100 groups around the world.

Students For Liberty founded in 2008 by a group of students, embraces the diversity of justifications for liberty while encouraging debate on differing philosophies that underlie liberty.

Three of their key principles are:

  • Economic freedom to choose how to provide for one’s life;
  • Social freedom to choose how to live one’s life; and
  • Intellectual and academic freedom

Particularly within the university, students leaders craft this strategy by running programs to help fellow students, all new leaders are given a SFL Leadership Handbook.

Featured image supplied free from Unsplash.

Copyright © 2016 Zoë-Marie Beesley

Creative Commons License Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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