Kerry Packer & John Hewson Interviews On Minimizing Tax & Cake GST – Australia

Australia is famous for minimizing tax by these two interviews of Kerry Packer and John Hewson.

Firstly, Kerry Packer (17 December 1937 – 26 December 2005) was a media tycoon, who became the richest and most influential man in Australia.

Owning a majority in Nine TV network and Australian Consolidated Press later merged forming Publishing and Broadcasting Limited.

Globally, Packer was known for founding World Series Cricket.

This article is in regard to him facing an Australian government inquiry in 1991 into the print media industry.

With allegations of some secret Fairfax papers he had control over, which Packer wanted to purchase however restricted by cross media ownership laws.

With reluctance and humour captured in the public recording below.

Video one – Kerry Packer’s Political Philosophy

Source: (economicsthemovie, 2010 (1991)).

Secondly, John Hewson (28 October 1946) is an economist, company director and former politician, known i for 650 page Fightback! intended to differ from their previous Keynesian policies in Australia.

One of the key parts of the package was introducing the Goods and Services Tax (GST), while abolishing other taxes such as the sales tax and some of the income tax, while increasing pensions and benefits.

This article is in regard to his “birthday cake interview” a famous political interview in Australia, with his interviewer Mike Willesee, before the 1993 federal election.

The interview in which Hewson was unable to answer whether a birthday cake would cost more or less with the proposed taxes, and further complicated the unnecessary taxes on cake concerning whether the cake had decorations, candles, ect. Not to mention The Sugar Tax.

Video two – John Hewson: GST on a birthday cake

Source: (Stackhouse, 2015).

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