Clarke & Dawe Explain Quantitative Easing

“Pull up a chair…I’ll tell you a tale”

Clarke and Dawe in their series of YouTube videos explain economic principles in the most easy and fun way.

For over 25 years John Clarke and Bryan Dawe have filmed their interviews and had them broadcasted on ABC TV each week.

Each interview involves a prominent figure who then talks about their job and a relevant news-worthy topic.

If you like their videos you can purchase a DVD copy from their websites Mr John Clarke & Bryan Dawe.

I could not have explained quantitative easing more exact myself.

Clarke and Dave – Quantitative Easing

Video Source: (Clarke & Dawe, 2011).

Reference List

*”Avery Largenumber, Economist” Originally aired on ABC TV’s 7.30: 20/10/2011

Featured image supplied free from Pixabay.

Copyright © 2016 Zoë-Marie Beesley

Creative Commons License Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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