Brexit: First Date to Mandate Trailer

When you thought Brexit was the best libertarian breakup of all time…

comes a humorous series about getting government out of our lives

Directed to those people who are all for governments, and outright deny any conclusion that free markets work better without much regulation. There is a series made especially for you, and can tolerate your favour for government.

From the maker (Independent Institute and Emergent Order) of the Keynes & Hayek rap videos, “Love Gov” is the new series about the humorous nature of government intervention.

An interesting and funny representation on the true nature of government an its negative effects on society.

–FIVE 5 minute long episodes–

Presenting short ECONOMIC lessons on:

  • JOBS

The series inevitably ending in the worst breakup off all time, through Gov’s meddling control freak personality – who only wanted to help.

The series has also partnered with Independent’s new MyGovCost mobile app to show you how much government is really costing you


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