The Annual 2016 ALS Friedman Conference

The Annual 2016 Friedman Conference, is held in Sydney by the Australian Libertarian Society. Being the largest free-market conference in the Asia-Pacific region, it is the major event on any Libertarians or Austrain economists calendar here in Sydney. With only a few weeks to go to the date May 13-16 book your tickets now, with scholarships and student discounts available. Located in the heart of Sydney, the conference will take place in the modern Aerial function centre in the University of Technology. “Over 300 activists, thought leaders, business representatives, and political influencers will hear from some of the best speakers from not just Australia, but around the world.” (ALS Friedman Conference, 2016) See the full schedule here.

Conference Speakers Include:

  • Senator David Leyonhjelm, Liberal Democratic Senator for NSW
  • Lawson Bader, immediate past president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • Trevor Burris from the Cato Institute
  • Former Cabinet Minister of the Sarkozy French Government, Herve Novelli
  • The Hon Dom Perrottet MP, NSW Minister for Finance
  • John Osborn, Director of Economics, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • North Korean escapee and best selling author, Yeonmi-Park
  • Outgoing Australian Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson
  • Professor Sinclair Davidson from the Institute for Public Affairs

And many more!                                                             (ALS Friedman Conference, 2016).

To end the event in attending the exclusive screening of the multi-award winning documentary PovertyInc., having been awarded the 2015 Templeton Award for being the most influential free-market project of the year! From social entrepreneurship to foreign aid, Michael Matheson Miller investigates the complex global industry and its affects on the economy, from over 200 interviews filmed in 20 countries. Exploring the truth behind the industry from disaster relief to TOMs Shoes and international adoptions, this documentary follows the unseen consequences to our well intentioned charity, along with exposing the multi-billion dollar NGOs market, for-profit aid contractors, and the multilateral agencies. Showing the negative effects that agriculture subsidies carry, for more on this see my article on the Negative Externalities of Agriculture Industry.

Poverty, Inc. Trailer

Source: (Miller, 2014).

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The 2016 Annual ALS Friedman Conference. (2016). Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. Retrieved [23/04/16] from <>.

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