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Passport Swapping?

An article recently published by the Commonwealth Freedom Movement Organisation (CFMO), on Passport Swapping: A New Idea For 21st Century Immigration? by James Skinner. The article proposes a 21st century interpretation to immigration, in which one citizen would be able to freely exchange one place of citizenship in return of someone’s passport of another place of citizenship. Making immigrating between countries more achievable and less restrictive. “It is probably something that most people wish existed, but few believe can ever happen; the opportunity for 2 citizens, from different countries, to undertake legally recognized procedures and permanently exchange passports.” (Skinner, 2016) I must admit from experience that the process of citizenship needs huge improvements, even if this proposed idea fails. In other words, the system of immigration policies are not working, and causing many people to be buried in unnecessary amounts paperwork. That’s not to say there shouldn’t be police checks and small regulatory steps taken, but their also needs to be smaller application costs too. “The free movement of citizens between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is a tremendous idea, and one that has received widespread support from all 4 countries involved, but even such a concept requires restrictions, and you can read about them here.” (Skinner, 2016)

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