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Chinese Corner is a YouTube channel devoted to Mandarin Chinese videos, TV programs ranging from Real Chinese, Growing Up In China, Travel in Chinese, and Happy Chinese. Real Chinese is a TV series of 10 short clips by the BBC which introduces Mandarin Chinese. Growing Up In Chinese is a TV series of 100 episodes, each fifteen minutes long, hosted by Charlotte MacInnis, aiming to introduce 300 of the commonly spoken key learning phrases. Travel in Chinese is a series of 100 lessons aired on CCTV (China’s National TV Station) and hosted by Mark Rowswell, directed toward students interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, Chinese food, travel, lifestyle, and culture in general. Happy Chinese is a reality TV series aired on CCTV4 (China’s Central Television International Channel) and follows a family who accepts an exchange student who is learning Chinese. Teaching about the daily life of Chinese, family and school life in China, and everyday language.


Chinese Corner YouTube Playlist <https://www.youtube.com/user/ChineseCorner/videos>.

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