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Two Economic Movies About A Bank Run & A Million Pound Note

It’s A Wonderful Life, YouTube link to Source (Lanie Hett, 1946).

The film is about a man who gives up his dreams in order to help others. On Christmas Eve the intervention of his guardian angle, shows how much he has helped the people in his community and how different it would be had be never been born. The film evolves around a run on their bank and the frustration of liquidating the housing market.

The 1 Million Bank Note, YouTube link to Source (Mapyapita, 1954).

An adaptation of the short story by Mark Twain. Two rich British men, get the Bank of England to create a 1 million pound note, in order to loan it to a penniless American for a bet with a clause that he could not spend the note and they would give him a job, without telling him that the amount is £1,000,000, he finds it difficult to break down the note.


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