Linux Operating System Introduction

If your a techie then your most likely to be familiar with the Linux operating systems. Note Windows is an operating system too and it helps to recognise that Linux offers an alternative to Windows. For those who are not familiar with Linux, here is a basic overview of what Linux is and what its operating systems offer to individuals or businesses. Linux provides free open-source software for development and distribution. Offering high quality free open-source software makes Linux unique, having a large consumer base where users can constantly and voluntarily update and tailer software for specific requirements. Open-source software takes away the frustration of any licensing restrictions imposed.

Linux is widely available with a easy to use user interface that allows easy interaction with electronic devices, some features include availability on many devices, supports hardware, and is widely portable. In order to interact with a computer program, a user can input direct commands for the program by typing command lines. More advanced computer users would prefer this direct means of controlling a program or operating system. One of the main distinctions is that Linux offers a variety of programming languages.

The uses of Linux are endless with from the most specialised uses to the more basic. Though, it is widely credited for its digital security and computer protection. A specific example would be professional penetration testing and security auditing. Additionally, educational devices such as Raspberry Pi are introduced to students with Linux operating systems, where students can experiment with software hands-on. Linux professionals are in high demand, though its not the only operating system for one to become familiar with as there are many others.


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