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Jason Brennan – Political Philosophy

Jason Brennan discusses the intersection of political philosophy and political economy, this series of videos explains some of the main issues from property rights to market failure. See the playlist here, Source: (Brennan, 2016). Such topics discused include, What Makes Institutions Just or Unjust?, Liberty: Who Needs It?, What Are Rights?, Why Property Rights?, Rawls’s Distributive Justice, Skepticism About Distributive Justice, Political Authority, Democracy and Voting, Immigration Rights, Labor Ethics, & Market Failure vs. Government Failure.

These eleven short lectures serve as an introduction to several major theories of the ethical relationships between individuals, society, and the state; to the arguments philosophers have made for and against these theories; and ultimately to how to be more thoughtful and rigorous in your own thinking. (Jason Brennan)

Introduction to Political Philosophy

Source: (Brennan, 2016).

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