EuroSUD – Debate Sessions (University free or not?, & Europe open boarders or not?)

EuroSUD ran a course for young students, where they were allowed to debate economic arguments such as should university be free or not? Source (EuroSUD, 2016). And should Europe close border or not? Source (EuroSUD, 2016). “During one week 30 participants coming from Greece, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia and Czech Republic had opportunity to learn more about democracy and active participation in local community through different non- formal methods of education.” (EuroSUD) All participants contributed their speech and put across their arguments for and against, gaining insight into both sides of the relevant debates.


EuroSUD You Tube Channel <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLI7A_pHeM6cjd5SXuGZE2w>.

Other video on the education debate, highlights from Leeds University Union, Source (Leeds Student TV, 2014).

Featured image supplied from Unsplash.

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