The Law Simplified – Case Law Bites

The Law Simplified is a series of law notes presenting a fast track summary of the subject. Whether you are a new student starting to learn law or about to sit Case Law examinations this course on Case Law will help students who would otherwise find it difficult to connect the pieces together can give them an overview on the entire subject. The complementary course to these videos give you access to 100 plus pages of case summaries designed to help students to understand legal principles. Note, this a not a substitute for thorough learning, but is a great resource for Case Law syllabus. Providing a law education for those wanting a better, clearer and concise understanding of basic law principles. YouTube channel on case law Source: (The Law Simplified, 2016).


For complete courses, including Spider Graphs and Case Summaries, visit:

English Legal System: <http://www.udemy.com/learn-english-law/>.
Criminal Law: <http://bit.ly/Criminal-Law>.
Contract Law: <http://bit.ly/Contract-Law>.
Constitutional Law: <http://bit.ly/PublicLaw>.
Commercial Law: <http://bit.ly/Commercial-Law>.
Property Law: <http://bit.ly/PropertyLaw>.
Tort Law: <http://bit.ly/TortLaw>.

YouTube Channel <https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLawSimplified/featured>.

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