Adam Smith Institute – Sound Money: An Austrian proposal for free banking, NGDP targets, and OMO reforms

In a recent article from by Anthony J. Evans at the Adam Smith Institute, has caught media attention in its proposal for free banking and questions the UK central bank roles. Advocating reforms for open access Open Market Operations, Quantitative Easing improvements for an National Gross Domestic Product average growth target of 2% and free banking. “This paper applies a free market approach to monetary theory to critically assess recent UK monetary policy.” (Evans, 2015) An interesting development toward free market monetary theory.

Reference List (American Psychological Association)

Evans, J. A. (2015) Sound money: an austrian proposal for free banking, NGDP targets, and OMO reforms. ASI (Research) Ltd. Adam Smith Research Trust. England. Retrieved [04/02/16] from <>.

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